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Volunteering: top ten ways to make an impact in your community
As Aristotle said, "To serve others and do good."


In the Heart of Silicon Valley, long standing organizations like the Second Harvest Food Bank, Sacred Heart Community Service and Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley give out to needy individuals of the San Francisco Bay Area. Stay focused on these ways to give back to your community and experience benefits from your positive impact.



#1 Search for an organization that works for the causes you care about most and volunteer.

#2 Identify the skills or hobbies you want to contribute so that you may be matched up with a community involvement opportunity.

#3 Consider your goals. Do you want to be a virtual volunteer, participate in group volunteering, or applying as an individual volunteer to existing organizations.

#4 Donate your time and money. Volunteers constitute a large workforce for some organizations, however, donations will help too and your generosity is appreciated.

#5 Advocate for your causes and organizations. Use social media or manage social network company/organization pages. A well-constructed message and imagery

is helping spread the message for fundraisers, events and the overall organization’s mission statement. 

#6 Become a board member. Your personal and professional resources, contacts and talents may be invaluable.

#7 Align your goals with fundraising. Combine a hobby and raise money for doing two things dear to your heart.

#8 Enrich the lives of others and yourself by volunteering your good communication and listening skills. For some, socializing becomes increasingly difficult when health

complications limit traveling.

#9 Prepare for volunteering by getting your own health in order and take any tests before heading out into schools, senior communities or hospitals.

#10 Training and certification courses may be available to help you gain new skills specific to a volunteering opportunity.

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